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With the huge developments seen in the application development field in recent times, our consultants are on the front line when it comes to their extensive knowledge of new platform choices, new architectures, and the new security threats that are constantly arising. They are all highly skilled in collaboration, integration, and compliance issues, enabling them to provide resolutions even the most challenging of our clients’ needs. Under application development we provide various services, including:

Portal and Rich Internet Application Portal and Rich Internet Application

Our frontline IT professionals have all displayed amazing tenacity in keeping pace with the changing developments in the internet application development space. We have always put forward the best solution for our client requirements by keeping ourselves up-to-date with newer platforms, architectures and new security threats. IGS offers highly trained and skilled IT professionals to match up to the most challenging of our client needs and provide expert solutions in collaboration, integration and compliance related issues. Some of our Rich Internet Application development services include:
E-commerce is one essential inclusion for a business website aiming to tap on to the vast online territory of potential customers. Innovative Global Services (IGS) offers expert IT consultants with proven track record in the development of e-commerce solutions. We stand out from competition by providing a global workforce adept at handling all kinds of IT service solutions. Our stringent hiring procedures ensure only the best IT professionals work for us and deliver quality and cost-efficient solutions to all our clients.
Innovative Global Services also offers seamless business integration at optimal costs. Our expert IT professionals understand organizational demands when it comes to the need to integrate data management, application management, information architecture for smooth functioning of the organization. At IGS we offer valuable services in Application Integration with the Web.
Why Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) Development?

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) have completely changed the way in which Internet is used. RIA development company provides interactive, robust, scalable and affordable web applications, which empower online business to deliver products/ services to customers spread around the globe. Following are benefits of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

  • Provides interactive and engaging environment for greater user experience and productivity.
  • Combines the best of web and desktop application to provide ‘no refresh’ feature for quicker user interactivity.
  • Offers perfect platform to create elegant online multimedia displays, intelligent business portals, interactive gaming, online trading and networking sites.
  • Provides inter-browser compatibility so that users using different technological platforms can easily access the web applications.
  • High scalability that facilitates easier accommodation of future changes in application.
  • It is fast evolving technology that consistently upgrades its features for greater user experience.
  • Basic Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) frameworks include Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, JavaFX, AJAX, Curl, GWT, and Mozilla XUL.

Business Integration Business Integration

Rapidly changing business needs demand organizations to build highly flexible and adaptable systems which seamlessly integrate with each other for seamless operations. Innovative Global Services specializes in Enterprise Application Integration and SOA to enable seamless business integration.


Keeping track of enterprise resources and making effective use of them needs specialized expertise in enterprise resource planning applications. We specialize in ERP implementations in SAP and Oracle.


Every organization needs to focus on its customer base in order to succeed. Customers are the key to success for all organizations. We have expertise in providing CRM solutions in Salesforce.com and Oracle applications.


Innovative Global Services has expert staff to build service oriented architecture for your company. Service Oriented Architecture allows a company to build and reuse services across the board resulting in faster time to market and increased productivity. We will help you reach a high degree of reuse and increased productivity using SOA.


Business Process Management (BPM) enables business to streamline and integrate their business processes for improved productivity, lower cost of operations and improved quality. BPM can automate key components, allowing automated rules and processes to handle common process flows, reducing manual work and increasing automation. Increased automation results in better management of work loads during unusual spikes and does not affect the quality either during extremely high work loads.
BPM enables organizations to capture metrics on their processes, analyze and then make improvements upon them for improved performance. We at IGS can work with your organization to setup your business management processes and measurement capabilities.

Business Intelligence Business Intelligence

The speed with which the business landscape is moving along with globalization, all organizations, need relevant and pertinent information about their company’s performance in various areas such as Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Maintenance, Finance etc. Business intelligence allows organizations to collate and aggregate relevant data into meaningful and actionable pieces of information.
Innovative Global Service’s competency in this area enables organizations to react to market changes as well as competitors tactics in a faster manner. Our competencies include Data Warehousing and Business Analytics & Reporting.

E-business Solution E-business Solution

IGS’ deep understanding of e-business and e-commerce solution allows us to build a very effective self-service e-business website for our customers, and enables them to focus on selling products and services and not on managing eCommerce software maintenance.

Outsource Product Development Outsource Product Development

Product development is turning into an increasingly complex activity with factors such as continuous upgrades, regional regulations, multiple versions, & multi-lingual support etc, each posing their unique challenges. Committed to driving continuous innovation, IGS brings distinct value with its end-to-end product development lifecycle solutions. We are a premier product development company to lower the cost of developing products.

Mobile Application Development Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development like never before . . .

We understand the need to have an ace Mobile Application Development platform which is driving the mobile apps space of today. Our Mobile Application Development experts will work closely with you in designing customized mobile apps solutions matching your exact needs. We have the experience of developing tailor made mobile application solutions for our clients using the best international practices. Developing your winning Mobile Application Development program will be right on top of our agenda and we will deliver it using our proven expertise for similar clients. This is one element which every organization must implement in order to derive maximum results out of the revolution in the mobile technology industry.

We have expertise in developing successful mobile applications based upon the popular iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile application. Today, many companies have devised sound strategies to have a niche in this area and we are sure you would not want to be left behind. So rely on us, as we step in with our expert Mobile Application Development solutions to give your business the much needed edge over competition.

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